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Dlx Rolling Paper Tips 50 Count

Dlx Rolling Paper Tips 50 Count

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DLX rolling paper tips are packaged 60 tips per pack and 50 packs per display.

Burn your fingertips no more! Paper Tips for roll-your-own smokes. (Used as a replacement for the old rolled up matchbook cover trick).

How do you use paper tips you ask? Paper roll-up-tips are something that are extremely popular in Europe. They prevent waste/soggy ends by giving smokers a spacer at the end of their cigarette (similar to a filter - no more burned lips), plus they help prevent that lovely "ptUUUeehh" sound you make as your tobacco slips out of the end of your cigarette and gets caught in your mouth. ;-)

Putting the paper tip in before rolling is recommended and saves time and hassle. You're also more likely to get a perfect fit (this is how we do it using one of the hand rolling machines we sell).

Basically, you roll the paper tip into a tight cylinder and either roll it in the papers along with your tobacco or you can roll the cigarette first, pull some tobacco out from one end and stick the tightly rolled paper tip into this end. The tip should expand a bit so that it makes a tight fit. Practice Makes Perfect!!

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